Is it safe to use Cell Saver blood salvage in a cesarean section?


I have recently reviewed in our antenatal/anesthesia clinic a 32 year old, 24 weeks pregnant, G3P2. The patient has had two previous cesarean sections (the first emergent) and is now booked for an elective cesarean at 37 weeks.

Complicating this, her 20 week ultrasound shows placenta previa with the edge of the placenta lying under the old C-Section scar. Because life is never easy, she’s also a Jehovah’s Witness and despite long-discussion refuses blood transfusion.

Is it safe to use Cell Saver / blood salvage techniques during cesarean section? (The patient consents to this.) Does anyone have experience with blood salvage for cesarean section?

Tags:   Nov 13, 2009 | updated Nov 23, 2009

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