Published on February 1st, 2010 | by Daniel Jolley


New simplified login for gasexchange

This post refers to the login system for gasexchange v.1 and is no longer relevant to the new, improved gasexchange v.2. It has been kept for historical purposes.

At gasexchange we have long been fans of the OpenID login system that is slowly gaining traction as a unified way of logging into multiple internet sites using only the one login and password. In theory it’s great, and it has a wide breadth of support: Google, Yahoo!, AOL, Orange, WordPress to name a few. The open-nature of OpenID along with the focus on providing the user with control over his or her online identity is a noble goal and has great appeal.



These are the reasons that we were happy to initially use OpenID as the (only) method for managing user accounts on gasexchange.

But… for most internet users OpenID is still conceptually hard to understand at first glance. In response to several helpful suggestions from gasexchange users, we are now adding the option of a Plain Old Login™ that will co-exist alongside OpenID. Just as has been used before on many sites across the internet, you can now create a gasexchange account using only your email address, display name and password. While OpenID logins still exist, they are no longer the only way of logging in to gasexchange.

For registered users who currently use OpenID there is naturally no change. On the gasexchange login page simply click on the OpenID tab and enter your OpenID as before. If you somehow manage to create two logins or choose to use an OpenID login in the future, we can easily merge your accounts into one linked to both login methods.

Let’s not get too caught up in the mechanics of logins and OpenID — at the end of the day our goal is to facilitate the growth and learning of an open and inclusive online anaesthesia community. Any change we make to gasexchange will always be focused on that singular goal!

[ Image “Keys” © Linus Bohman ].

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