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gasexchange Resurrection

After almost 11 months of quiet idleness the resurrection of gasexchange is now underway. We were fortunate to retrieve the very final stackexchange database dump in late July last year, ensuring that all user accounts, questions, answers and comments were preserved.

Most of the time since has been spent testing and researching alternative platforms to home our anaesthesia question and answer community. Since the shutdown of SE1.0 1 many alternative Q&A systems of various levels of polish have appeared. Until recently none provided an acceptable level of functionality and flexibility for us to migrate gasexchange to.

The good news is that we have now found a suitable system; one that provides a Q&A system familiar to our existing, loyal users, yet gives us far greater flexibility than the original stackexchage system ever provided. The ability to customise and modify the system to meet the education needs of the anaesthesia and intensive care community.

But above all else… control

Using an open and customisable system gives us back the control. No longer will we be at the mercy of the motivations of another company, subject to unforeseen changes in their business plan. Having selected the various technology pieces that will manage questions & answers and other educational resources, we are now researching suitably reliable and scalable web hosts for the site.

The road ahead will require a lot of work. It is likely that getting gasexchange back up to an acceptable level of function and professionalism will take 3 to 6 months of work.

Bear with us – I’ll keep you updated here on our steady progress!


UPDATE: We’ve found a suitable company to host the new site, without locking us in to the one provider should we need to move again in the future. A ‘Coming Soon‘ page is now up where you can leave your email address to be notified as soon as we’re open, up and running.

UPDATE 2: The XML database dump from gasexchange has been successfully imported, reformatted and migrated to the new site. This took quite a bit of work and trouble-shooting but thankfully all our data is intact. The Q&A system that we are using has been extended and customised, and things look like they are functioning beautifully. There is still quite a bit of work before we go live, but the hardest part has been achieved!

Here’s a sneak peak of how the Q&A page is shaping up…

[ photo: “Resurrection” Steve Collins ]


  1. Along with many StackExchange 1.0 sites, gasexchange was shutdown in July 2011: Lights Out.

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