End User Licensing Agreement of Contributed Content

This document describes the agreement that exists between you, the user of gasexchange.com, and gasexchange.com itself. ‘The user’ refers to both registered and anonymous users of the site.

By submitting questions, answers, comments or other information to the site, or by creating a user account, you are agreeing to be bound by these conditions.

This licensing agreement also includes:

You agree:

  • To grant gasexchange.com a non-exclusive, perpetual and unrestricted license to publish, reuse, edit, perform, re-license, delete and/or alter any and all content that you submit to the gasexchange.com site or it’s affiliates at our discretion.
  • Nonetheless, original copyright for your content remains owned by you.
  • Licensing of your content to gasexchange is automatic and immutable.

Please note that our intention is not to be nefarious or exploitative, but rather in order to safely publish user contributed content a perpetual and unrestricted license must be granted by the user to gasexchange. Thank you for your understanding!

gasexchange.com reserves the right to change this EULA at any time without notice.