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Which audience?

Toiling away in secret as we slowly prepared gasexchange, Brad and I repeatedly asked ourselves “who is this actually for?”

We first answered by saying:

“ us ! ”

Our main motivation for creating gasexchange is to better maintain our own knowledge of our craft; to better continue our own medical education — and so that instead of further isolating us from our peers we build a community around a nidus of collected knowledge and opinion.

The trap of sharing knowledge and techniques only with those you work with — or even just those anaesthetists and intensivists with whom you share a country — is missing out on the most diverse, different and challenging aspects of our practice. Even today there exists fundamental aspects of our work that we each take for granted (cricoid pressure, reversal of muscle relaxants, cuffed paediatric tubes…) yet are practiced very differently across national borders.

When we work in isolation, evidence-free dogma clothes itself in the gown of accepted practice.

So we have built gasexchange to collect knowledge and establish a dialogue between like-minded anaesthetists, and most notably with those who are not like of mind. Courteous dissent is not tolerated, it is encouraged.

The first target tribe for gasexchange is consultant medical anaesthetists and anaesthesiologists — not because other groups are less important, but rather to establish a broad foundation of knowledge and domain experts who share the same interest and enthusiasm for the project. With time we hope there will be equal involvement from trainees, perfusionists, anaesthetic technicians, nurse anaesthetists, and other non-medical anaesthetists fostering the diversity that fuels our specialty.

For now, jump in, sign up and have some fun.

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is an Australian consultant anaesthetist/anesthesiologist, with interests in anaesthesia education, obstetric and paediatric anaesthesia, and the practice of anaesthesia in remote and under-resourced environments. Daniel trained in Sydney, Darwin and Melbourne, and has worked in Sydney, Melbourne, Darwin, Fiji and Mongolia. He is one of the founders of along with Brad O'Connor.

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