What is gasexchange?

At the most superficial level, gasexchange is primarily a question and answer site for anesthesia and critical care science, practice, lore and mythology.

The real answer is however far larger.

gasexchange is a worldwide community of consultant anesthetists, anesthesiologists, intensivists, pain medicine specialists, anesthesia technicians, nurses, trainees and specialists of all levels of experience and seniority.

As an open and inclusive community the site hopes to encourage the discussion and sharing of our common knowledge — a creative commons of anesthesia lore, up-to-date and evolving as our craft does.

We hope that through this sharing we will aid both those beginning their learning and training, as well as continuing the education and development of even the most senior anesthetist. Our learning should never stop.

Jump in, join the community, and be part of progressing anesthesia and intensive care excellence everywhere in the world that an anesthetic may be given or critical illness managed.

Be part of something bigger.

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